Community Services: Employment & Education

Employment, Training & Support Services (ETSS)

KANA’s Employment, Training and Support Services (ETSS) program provides integrated employment, training and related services to Alaska Natives and Native Americans in order to reduce joblessness, foster economic development, and serve tribally determined goals consistent with the policies of self-determination and self-governance. Within the City of Kodiak as well as the remote villages, ETSS provides child care assistance, work experience and employment guidance for youth, and employment oriented guidance and counseling, training and education, and supportive and job retention assistance for adults. In addition, as directed to administer by the authorizing resolutions of some of the tribes within the region, KANA’s ETSS provides job placement and vocational training services, higher education scholarships, support for preschool programs, and general assistance. The goals of the program are to provide a multitude of work and family self-sufficiency related services and activities that enable KANA beneficiaries to prepare for, obtain, and retain employment. KANA's ETSS Coordinator oversees the program and our ETSS Case Managers assist the Coordinator in providing the services.