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A Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a specialized facility in which a multidisciplinary team of representatives from many agencies work together to conduct interviews, provide medical care and make team decisions about the investigation, treatment, management and advocacy of child maltreatment cases. The multidisciplinary approach is child-focused in an effort to prevent re-victimization of abused children.

The Kodiak Child Advocacy Center facility is staffed with a Director, Family Advocate, and Program Assistant. Their role is to coordinate the multidisciplinary team response to child victims and their non-offending family members as well as provide advocacy services for the child and family. The team includes medical and behavioral health professionals, the Office of Children’s Services, Alaska State Troopers, Kodiak Police Department, Coast Guard Investigative Service, the Kodiak Women’s Resource and Crisis Center, and the District Attorney’s office. The CAC staff and multidisciplinary team work closely with Village Response Teams and village based KANA staff to assure a child-centered response for victims in all communities.

Kodiak is the tenth community in Alaska to develop a Child Advocacy Center (CAC). "The Kodiak Child Advocacy Center serves to provide a child friendly, culturally sensitive, trauma informed multidisciplinary approach to the advocacy, prevention, evaluation and treatment of child maltreatment."