Infant Learning Program (ILP)

Infant Learning Program (ILP)

The KANA Infant Learning Program (ILP) is part of the Alaska Early Intervention Service System. The ILP is a part of the Alaska Early Intervention system and works with all programs serving young children and their families. Kodiak Infant Learning Services are available to any child under the age of three experiencing a developmental delay or disability or at risk for a delay.  
Who can participate?

We offer support services for any child, under the age of three, who:

  • has been diagnosed with a condition such as hearing loss, visual problems, Down Syndrome, seizure disorders or other health problems that can cause developmental delays;
  • is having difficulty developing or learning;
  • does not play, listen, talk or move around like most children their age;
  • were born prematurely or who were in the hospital for problems after birth;
  • has a delay in one or more developmental areas;
  • has substantiated reports of abuse and neglect;
  • has been prenatally exposed to alcohol or drugs.
What about services for children who do not have the specific needs listed above?
For those children and families, the ILP provides: 
  • information about typical/atypical childhood development
  • free developmental screening with the Ages and Stages Program, a mail-in or online family screening and information program for children birth to 60 months. See below for more information about ASQs
  • access to a lending library of information on early childhood development
  • vision photo screening, a part of the Alaska Blind Child Discovery Project, utilizing a specialty camera to identify infants and young children at risk for undetected vision problems
  • hearing screening to identify infants and young children at risk for undetected hearing problems
  • connection to birth to three community and statewide resources


What If I'm not sure what services I might need for my child?
Contact the ILP to discuss whether a screening or evaluation is warranted. The ILP provides free screenings and/or evaluations to determine eligibility for services. For those eligible, an Individualized Family Service Plan is developed, and services are identified to meet the child's needs as well as goals and objectives. Services are provided in the child's natural environment by ILP staff and contract therapists. ILP connects families to supports and services throughout the community and state.


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