IMPACT Program

IMPACT is a Collaborative Care program that benefits our patients by involving their Primary Care Provider, a counselor called a Care Manager, and a consulting psychiatrist together with the patient to form a multi-disciplinary care team.  This approach improves patients’ physical and mental wellbeing though a collaborative effort between the patient and multiple providers to effectively and efficiently address mental health symptoms.

IMPACT patients are generally experiencing a moderate to severe level of depression or anxiety symptoms.  By working with their Care Team, patients are engaged in creating a plan with a goal of figuring out what is needed to resolve these symptoms, and developing the resources and tools to do so.  We help patients develop the skills to identify issues, work through them using a variety of evidence-based, solution-focused psychotherapies, all while maintaining communication with the patient’s primary care provider and consulting psychiatrist.  IMPACT is a cost-free program and available to all those receiving health care services at KANA who are experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms who want to take charge of their mental wellbeing and find solutions to feeling better.

Services include:

  • Adult Mental Health Counseling
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Input from consulting psychiatrist
  • Collaboration with relevant community service providers
  • Ongoing tracking of mental health symptoms

For more information on the IMPACT Collaborative Care program, explore the University of Washington's AIMS Center: Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions