Patient-Centered Care Team Model


Patient-Centered Care Team Model


As part of our recent accreditation by the AAAHC, KANA was also awarded status as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). “Patient centeredness” refers to a system of health care that establishes a strong partnership between practitioners, patients, and their families (as appropriate) to ensure that care decisions respect patients’ wants, needs, and preferences and that patients have the education and support they need to make informed decisions and participate in their own care. The care provided through the PCMH model creates accessible, comprehensive, integrated, patient-centered, safe, and satisfying care for both our patients and providers. We are proud to offer this model of care for our community which is reflective of our Sugpiaq Alutiiq values: courtesy, caring, respect, sharing and pride.

This system of primary care differentiates itself from other models of health care by attending to the whole person, with special attention to the patient’s personal and medical history, culture, and life circumstances, rather than focusing on a particular disease, organ, or system. Focusing the quality of care on the PCMH Care Team model helps caregivers make sure that the needs of each patient are being met.

Your Care Team works with additional health care professionals, including specialists, pharmacists, mental health providers and others as needed to incorporate a broader base of knowledge and expertise. All your health care providers are integrated into one location so that your care team may communicate effectively to provide you with the best care possible.

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) allows each patient to develop a meaningful, ongoing relationship with their individual provider who has been trained to provide continuous and comprehensive care for the patients they serve. Your Primary Care Provider oversees all aspects of your care at the clinic.  He or she works closely with the other members of the healthcare team, such as your Behavioral Health Clinician or Dentist, to make sure you receive the services you or your family need. The value of a continued relationship between each patient and their PCP provides a higher standard of quality care. When children, adults, and elders have a usual source of care, they are more likely to receive care in nearly every setting, regardless of age or need. This increased access to care made through usual contact, is a core principal of a Patient Centered Medical Home, and has proven to be extremely influential in the care people receive.


Meet Our Providers:


Each of our physicians works with a team of medical professionals, called a Care Team, to ensure the ongoing care of our patients. Each Care Team is led by you, our patient, along with your individual Primary Care Physician, Physician’s Assistant, Care Nurse and Care Coordinator. Together, your Care Team provides uniquely tailored care for each and every healthcare need. This system of primary care differentiates itself from other models of healthcare by attending to the whole person, with special attention to the patient’s personal and medical history, culture, and life circumstances, rather than focusing on a particular disease, organ, or system.

The patient brings into the office a unique understanding about his or her own personal and health issues. No one knows about it more than he or she does. The doctor brings into the office a carefully developed body of expert knowledge. The basic notion is that the two get together with their own expertise and negotiate a shared plan and understanding ...if you get to know people over can fill in the blanks and complete a rather organized review that gives a good picture of the patient above and beyond the purely biomedical or even psychosocial issues.

Usual care creates a greater likelihood for patients to receive preventative care, but also for patient satisfaction to rise alongside the development of a strong relationship with their PCP. Patients value their relationship with their provider, their provider’s enhanced knowledge about them, and an increased ability to build trust and communicate about concerns. Each of our providers leads a team of medical professionals, called a Care Team, to ensure the ongoing care of our patients. Each Care Team is led by you as its leader, along with your individual Primary Care Provider, Physician’s Assistant, Care Nurse and Care Coordinator. Together, your Care Team provides uniquely tailored care for each and every health care need.